Neil Hartney

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Saint Petersburg FL, 33702

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The one thing I enjoy most in life is helping people.  I have a Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University. After graduating, I was commissioned in the US Army and spent three years on active duty, and moved to St. Petersburg after being discharged to work for IBM. After working for IBM, I managed my own technology company that provided computer support to businesses and individuals.  This experience gave me a great deal of satisfaction to see businesses improve their efficiency and bottom line by installing the proper computer network infrastructure.  This was more than just bits and bytes, the work involved thoroughly analyzing the hardware, software and communications infrastructure necessary to make the correct installation.

I have had my real estate license for ten years, and I bring that same analytical approach to buying and selling your home, so that you will find the right house at the right price, and in the right condition. I joined Hofacker & Associates, Inc. because Bill Hofacker shares the same value of helping others that I hold.  I have raised my four children here, and truly love this city.  I can think of no other place I would rather live.