About St. Petersburg

With an average of over 360 days of sunshine a year, “The Sunshine City” has proudly earned its nickname. But it’s not just the sunshine that will have you falling in love with St. Petersburg, it’s everything else that comes with it.

Here you can have it all: a thriving economy, excellent schools, white sandy beaches and easy access to all of the Central Florida attractions.

St. Petersburg is home to a large array of neighborhoods from the historic Old Northeast downtown area to the high end, upscale, gated communities and all the way to the Gulf where homes are just steps away from white sand beaches.  Here there truly is a little bit of everything to call your home.  

St. Petersburg has a wide range of neighborhoods where there is something for everyone.

Downtown St. Petersburg
The active core of St. Petersburg, much of the lively downtown area also stands as a U.S. Historic District. This blend of history and modernity permeates all aspects of the neighborhood and explains the variety of architectural styles, from Mediterranean Revival to Art Deco to Modern. Downtown St. Petersburg comprises the business district, many government buildings, museums and art galleries, a myriad of restaurants, retail shops, hotels, entertainment venues and miles of waterfront parks.

Bahama Shores
Proudly the setting of the 1985 movie Cocoon, Bahama Shores is in reality an idyllic community on the scenic Tampa Bay waterfront of southern St. Petersburg. Only 10 minutes from downtown, the fairly affluent Bahama Shores neighborhood boasts large homes, spacious tree-lined streets and a wide range of residents from young professionals to families to retirees.

Teeming with untamed wildlife and quirky charm, the tiny Driftwood neighborhood hides unique homes and narrow, winding streets within a dense growth of abundant oak trees and wild vegetation. Historic, beautiful and whimsical, Driftwood is home to night herons as well as to artists, professors and other independent-minded folk, many of whom live in houses designed by a local artist during the 1930s (which rarely go on the open market). Located in southeast St. Petersburg on the Big Bayou, Driftwood inhabitants embrace its natural beauty and close-knit, though individualistic and bohemian population.

Placido Bayou
Formerly an untouched wildlife haven, Placido Bayou derives its name from the Italian word for “tranquil” and is today a gated waterfront community. Placido Bayou residents cherish the security, privacy and cared-for lawns that come with inhabiting a quiet, controlled neighborhood, as well as the private schools, low crime rate and upscale dining and shopping of the Northeast St. Petersburg region.

North Shore
At the heart of the Old Northeast region of St. Petersburg sits North Shore, a suburban haven where shady oak trees line brick streets and a strong sense of tradition recalls a 1950s-era lifestyle. Though residences span from apartments to conventional houses and villas, North Shore notoriously boasts some of the most expensive real estate in St. Petersburg. The North Shore population residents rarely find reason to stray from the close-knit, traditional North Shore community.

One of the most integrated neighborhoods in St. Petersburg, Lakewood contains a variety of single-family properties, from rambling ranch houses to Mediterranean-style homes. Complete with 18-hole golf course, nature park, library and the St. Petersburg Country Club, Lakewood maintains a tranquility reminiscent of the ’50s and ’60s.

Originally a semi-rural community, Harshaw sits today in central St. Petersburg as a neighborhood where concrete-block houses give 1950s-style subdivisions a lasting appeal. Quiet and convenient to shopping centers and churches, Harshaw is a haven for residents of all ages.

On the far north side of St. Petersburg sits the Gateway neighborhood, where convenience keeps the many long-time residents from straying. With a flourishing shopping center, active business district and selection of expansive apartment complexes and single-family homes, Gateway is an ideal, constantly developing community.

Campbell Park
In the shadow of Tropicana Field sits Campbell Park. Many of the frame and concrete-block homes are somewhat dated, but life in Campbell Park revolves around the 22-acre park itself, which serves as a place to play and the backdrop of festivals and reunions for neighborhood residents.

Quiet, comfortable and settled, the formerly countryside Azalea neighborhood retains its charm today in Northwest St. Petersburg. Huge old trees and Spanish moss shade the central park and yards of Azalea, where a sense of community and character pervade the houses and population.